Company Profile

Liquifi was established with the goal to bring high quality, stylish looking televisions into every room of every house.

The Liquifi ethos is one that believes home entertainment should in fact compliment or suitably integrate well into both the interior and exterior design of the home. The broad selection of outdoor, waterproof, in- mirror and framed televisions allow a tailor made solution for individual, lifestyle and space.

After years of researching the product and careful considering an Australian launch of these wondrous and stylish televisions, Liquifi began trading.
Beginning with a one off installation, the Liquifi brand and products quickly proved to be popular with numerous enquiries and expression of interest from commercial groups as well as the general public, nationwide.

Liquifi are now the Australian leaders in the supply and installation of specialty televisions for premium residential and commercial use.

A platform of exposure and success for Liquifi has been the brand’s featuring on numerous home improvement and design websites, the show Devine Design and in some of the most luxurious homes in Australia.

In the Australian market, Liquifi currently offers the following products:

Waterproof range– recessed into walls and splashbacks and built to withstand water. Designed for kitchens, bathrooms, spas and pools.

Weatherproof range – built to be permanently kept outside with an anti-theft bracket , safety glass anti- glare and inbuilt cooling fans. Ideal for gazebos, BBQ and outdoor living areas.

In-Mirror range – This waterproof television only appears from behind the mirror when turned on, as seen in many 5 star hotels can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms and small living spaces.

Liquifi’s televisions are all High Definition LCD and LED displays ranging in sizes from 15 up to 65 inch.