Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Lifestyle Series (Mirror Frame TV), In Mirror Series (Mirror Televisions), and Built In Series?

One thing that is not different about them... They can all come in a mirror finish!

The Lifestyle Series is non-waterproof. It is designed to be set in a frame, and thus appears like a framed mirror when turned off. Best to be used in Living areas, Bedrooms and the like. Available in 42", 47" and 55" panels.

The In Mirror Series is our custom range of Mirror Televisions. The client chooses the size of the mirror panel (max size 2.5 x 2.0m), the size of the TV (anything from 19" to 55"), and where the TV is positioned in the panel (centred, off centre etc). The televisions themselves are waterproofed. Can be used in Bathrooms, Saunas, En-suites, Gyms or any where you would like a television hidden in an oversized mirror panel.

The Built In Series is best thought of as the waterproof version of the Lifestyle Series. They are smaller (19" to 32") as they are designed for bathrooms and kitchens. You can choose to purchase a Built In Series Mirror TV, or you can choose a range of other finish styles (non-mirrored glass, such as a black or white finish or a stainless steel finish). They come with a waterproof remote control, and are great at the end of a bathtub or spa, and have no problems even being installed in a wall of your shower.

Why can't I just install a regular television in my bathroom?

A regular television is designed for use in dry areas, such as your living room or bedroom. They are not waterproof or even water resistant. The rear of the television is vented to allow for cooling, however, these vents will also allow moisture and condensation to accumulate inside the television. This can be extremely hazardous, with risks to the television shorting and potentially causing an electrical malfunction or fire.

The Built In Series is a completely sealed design, engineered for use in wet areas. It is rated IP66 and can withstand not only moisture, but also high pressure water from any direction.

What is the difference between a waterproof TV and a weatherproof outdoor TV?

Our waterproof televisions are designed for indoor use. They are a completely sealed design, rated IP65, and are capable of withstanding high pressure water from any direction. We recommend these televisions, such as the Built In Series for use in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Indoor pools and spas.

Outdoor weatherproof televisions are quite different, as they not only have to deal with water, but also sunlight and are exposed to the environment. For this reason they have a number of specific features.

  • Built in cooling systems, ensure that they TV does not overheat under the sun.
  • Anti-reflective glass reduces glare caused by high ambient light.
  • Powder coated to ensure long term survivability in the elements.
  • High brightness LED TV panel so the screen can be easily viewed during the day.
  • Anti-theft mounting hardware secures your investment from theft.

The Elements Series has all these features and more, making it a true outdoor television.

How does your Outdoor TV manage the heat?

The Elements Series of outdoor televisions have integrated cooling fans, exhausting through the underside of the television. They operate in the same respect as high end server equipment. An internal thermometer monitors temperatures inside the television and once 30 degrees celsius is exceeded, the fans are automatically activated, keeping the unit within safe operating temperatures. As a failsafe, the TV also has an auto power off feature if internal temperatures were to exceed 60 degrees celsius. The fan exhaust points are covered with fine mesh filters, maintaining the integrity of the waterproof and dustproof design.

The exterior is finished in a matt, powder-coated paint. This was a careful consideration made to help reduce reflection and glare. Some competitor outdoor televisions are finished in gloss colours, or worse still, in stainless steel finishes. In the sun, these finishes produce glare and high levels of reflection, ruining your viewing experience and with the potential to temporarily blind in direct sunlight.

The Elements Series can be ordered in Matte Black or Stone Grey. Stone Grey is recommended in installations with minimal shade, as this colour tends to absorb less heat then black.

What warranty does Liquifi provide?

Our standard warranty provides 12 months of cover. This can be extended to 36 months of cover for an additional fee. Ask us for more information when you purchase your television. 

How easy are the products to install?

This depends on the Series of television you are interested in.

The Built In Series and In Mirror Series are designed to be installed and recessed into your wall. It therefore requires a cavity to be cut into your wall, with size of cavity dependant on the size of television you purchase. It is recommended that power and input cables are made available adjacent to the cavity opening inside the cavity. This will give you a seamless looking installation.

The Elements Series and Lifestyle Series mount like any normal flat panel television. They use VESA compliant mounting hardware and are therefore relatively simple to install. The Elements Series, due to its rugged construction, can be heavy. For this reason we recommend installation be conducted with at least 2 people.

Can Liquifi install my product?

Yes, we offer our own 'in-house' installation technicians in the wider Sydney metro area. Please go to resources menu and click installation rate card for more information.

If you live outside the Sydney metro area, we offer installation support via our online guides and over the phone. Installation is relatively easy, but should be performed by a licensed electrician or qualified AV integrator.

What type of inputs are available for most TV's?

Most televisions across our range consist of one or more HDMI ports, RCA, Coax, VGA and RS232 connections. The technical specification panel, in the tabbed section of each product provides specifics. We can provide this technical specifications via PDF on request. 

Can I integrate your products into my home automation system?

In most cases yes. It depends on the brand of home automation you have. Please call our head office and speak with one of our engineers to discuss integration options.


The Elements Series and Lifestyle Series have RS232 connectivity.

Do you supply waterproof remote controls with all your products?

Yes. All of the waterproof televisions come equipped with IP68 waterproof remote controls as standard. (IP68 is a standard of ingression protection)

What is an IP rating?

Ingression Protection Ratings (IP Ratings), evaluate the performance of a particular products ability to keep out moisture or dust and other debris. IP ratings are made up of 2 digits. The first digit indicates the products ability to stop the ingression of dust. 0 being no protection, and 6 being the highest degree of dust protection (dust proof).

The second digit indicates the products ability to stop the ingression of water. Again, 0 being no protection, with 8 being the highest degree of water protection (continuous immersion in water).

As an example our Built In Series of bathroom televisions have an IP rating of 65. That means they are dust tight (6), and can take high pressure water from any direction (5).

Are all televisions Full HD (1080p)?

This depends on the Series. 

The Built In Series and In Mirror Series are available in Full HD as a special order. Otherwise, as standard they are HD televisions (720p). 

The Elements Series and Lifestyle Series are both Full HD LED (1080p) televisions as standard. 

After ordering my television, can I pick it up instead of having it shipped?

Unfortunately, No. Due to insurance and security reasons we cannot release the location of our warehouse. We offer very competitive shipping rates, but customers are also able to organise shipping via there own supplier if they wish to do so.