Introducing Liquifi

Wednesday, 12 October 2011: Liquifi is the new company taking the Australian home and lifestyle market by storm with specialty integrated and waterproof televisions.

Liquifi are specialists in high quality waterproof televisions in Australia. As leaders in the intricate installation of these wonder TVs, Liquifi is able to customise home entertainment for just about any room of the house.

Liquifi Director Mr Steven Cuda said that the company’s products provide more versatile options for consumers looking to renovate or update their homes.

“Over the last couple of years we noticed a shift in Australian home and lifestyle trends. Outside the home, alfresco and outdoor living areas have become more popular driving a desire for high quality weather proof entertainment displays. Inside the home, people are looking for versatile solutions to customise every room of their homes to suit their needs and lifestyle,” Mr Cuda said

We have combined elements of style and interior design with cutting-edge technology in our range of televisions, yet carefully considered functionality and affordability too. Offering the broadest range of these televisions nation-wide, we are able to offer consumers indoor and outdoor televisions at custom sizes, styles and at very reasonable prices.”

Liquifi’s unique range includes:
Waterproof range– recessed into walls and splashbacks and built to withstand water. Designed for kitchens, bathrooms, spas and pools.
Weatherproof range – built to be permanently kept outside with an anti-theft bracket , safety glass anti-glare and inbuilt cooling fans. Ideal for gazebos, BBQ and outdoor living areas.
In-Mirror range – This waterproof television only appears from behind the mirror when turned on, as seen in many 5 star hotels can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms and small living spaces.

Since introducing the product range to the Australian market Liquifi has become increasingly popular with corporate and industry clients as well as consumers. The sharp design allows smart use of space and a luxurious touch to any home.