Lifestyle Series Mirror TV

Beautiful framed mirror when off, Full HD television when on


Lifestyle Series Framed Mirror TV

  • Mirror TV - Variety of inputs
  • Mirror TV - Shock proof safety mirror
  • Mirror TV - Recess or surface mount
  • Mirror TV - Power saving LED
  • Mirror TV - Mirror Finish
  • Mirror TV - Backlit remote control
  • No more ugly black box on your wall

    Finally! A great solution to getting a modern flat panel television in a victorian home, formal living area or bedroom.

    The super slim design, and mounting solution means that the Lifestyle Series Mirror TV sits very close to the wall.

    Select the frame to suit your interior design and decor, from our broad range of available designs. Now your television can complement your look, rather than detracting from it.

    Easy installation, comes with everything you need to get started.


    • Full HD LED television - 1080p
    • Your choice of frame
    • Unique mount design allows recessed or wall surface installation
    • Equipped with RS232 control to allow for home automation and connectivity.
    • Variety of inputs means you can watch regular free to air television, foxtel, or any other video source

     Ideal Space:

    • Bedrooms
    • Formal Living Rooms
    • Formal Dinging Rooms
    • Space Constrained Areas
    • Executive Offices & Meeting Rooms
    • Showrooms

    In the box:

    • 42", 47", 55" or 65" Full HD LED TV
    • Mounting hardware, to allow surface mount or recessed installation
    • Your choice of frame
    • Remote Control (incl. batteries) with translucent buttons (aids night time viewing)
    • e-Installation Guide & User Manual
    • Optional Extra: Ceiling mounted speakers (required only when television is recessed into wall)
  • We use a proprietary specification of dielectric glass in our Mirror TVs to deliver both a stunning viewing experience, and a beautiful reflection. A standard mirror works by reflecting light via an opaque silver coating - which produces the reflected image that appears back at you. Because of it's opaque properties, there is no way a television can appear through a regular mirror panel.

    Dielectric glass produces a better result for mirror television applications.

    Dielectric mirror coatings are different. They reflect light through the use of super thin mineral coatings across the surface of the glass. The dielectric coating is unique in that it can reflect light (like an ordinary mirror), and transmit light (like a piece of transparent glass). We then set about enhancing the viewing experience by reducing the reflection of the glass further by adding an anti-reflective coating. By adjusting the layers of the coatings we are able to "dial-in" a perfect balance between reflection (giving you a beautiful mirror), and transmission (giving you a stunning HD television). Finding this balance is our secret formula, and has taken Liquifi many development cycles to get right.

    Liquifi proprietary dielectric and anti-reflective coating is what makes the mirror TV possible

    When you buy a Liquifi Mirror TV, you are buying a mirror television that has been designed from the start to function both as a Full HD LED TV and as a mirror. This is not a standard TV with a piece of glass stuck to the front of it.

    The TV is built inside a steel frame (not plastic), and has been designed specifically to mount close to walls (or recess) using our own proprietary wall mounting system. The mounting system is unique in that it can be used to surface mount the TV onto a wall (like a regular VESA mount for flat panel TVs), or to recess the TV into a wall cavity (hiding everything but the mirror panel from view).

    The way the leading edges of the TV have been manufactured allow any frame of your choice to be fixed around the edges of the mirror panel. That means that if you ever want to swap out the frame to update the look of your mirror TV, any local framing shop can build a frame for you - as they would if they were framing a standard mirror, or artwork.

    The Liquifi Mirror TV is no ordinary HD television.

  • Liquifi Lifestyle Series 42" Framed Mirror HD LED TV - ON/OFF Demonstration

    Introducing the Liquifi Lifestyle Series 42" Framed Mirror HD LED TV

  • Technical Specifications - Please click on resources, then technical specifications for a complete overview
    DisplayLiquifi Full HD LED MIRROR TV
    Screen Sizes Avail. 42", 47", 55", 65" or 83"
    Australian Tuner Yes, DVB-T built in
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Brightness 500cd/m2
    Colours 16.7m
    Contrast Ratio 2000:1
    Viewing Angle 170 degrees vertical/horizontal
    Response Time 6 milliseconds
    Sound Internal or External available via switch located beneath TV
    Stereo Output Surface mount = Built in speakers 10W + 10W || Recessing = Round 10w ceiling speakers
    Power Connection  3 Pin Australian plug (insulated)
    AC Input 100-240v, 50-60Hz
    Other Inputs 2 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x Coax, 1 x USB, 1 x RS232, Speaker clips L/R
    Consumption Typical < 42W
    Finish Full Mirror
    IP Rating None - Non waterproof. The L Series TV is not waterproof and not designed for wet areas
    Glass Safety Glass 6mm toughened
    Remote Control Translucent remote control included
    Mounting Hardware 2 x Vertical side mounts for surface or recessed installation - vertical mounts included
  • Lifestyle Series Mirror TV height and width dimensions

    Dimensions Table

    Dimensions exclude mirror frame. Allow an extension of Dimension A and B of between 5 and 10 cms, depending on the frame style selected.
    42" 109.7 73.0 93.5 52.8 106.7 6.5
    47" 120.4 75.5 104.4 58.9 119.4 6.5
    55" 136.1 87.2 121.3 68.3 139.7 6.5
  • Note

    Any installation requiring alteration to power or power points must be completed by a licensed electrician or builder. Liquifi provides installation services in the Sydney Metro area. Check out our installation rate card.


    The Lifestyle Series can be surface mounted onto your wall, or recessed to provide an ultra flush finish (most of the television would sit in the wall cavity). The mounting hardware provided allows for both of these installation options. Please advise us of intended installation style prior to ordering, as the recessed installation option requires the use of external ceiling mounted speakers.

    Prior to installing, devise a plan to hide the power and input cables. Having cables visible will detract from the framed mirror look when the television is off. Ask us for advice and options on how best to do this.


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