Outdoor TV Enclosure

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  • Liquifi Outdoor TV Enclosures let you install a TV safely and securely in your backyard or on your balcony

    Installing a regular television outside would result in voided warranty and serious safety risks. Standard television designs are not engineered to withstand great variations in temperature, moisture, dirt or any impact.

    So how do you install a TV outside, safely and securely?

    The Al-Fresco Series of outdoor television enclosures are designed to allow you to install your flat-panel television outside with ease and peace of mind.

    Packed with a range of features, the enclosure creates what is essentially a cocoon for your TV. A “climate controlled” environment that lets the TV operate in conditions it is made for.


    • Weatherproof (rated IP56), dirt and dust resistant enclosure protects the TV
    • Surge protected power means no nasty shocks
    • Shock-proof screen can handle the odd football thrown in error
    • The fan-cooling system turns on when needed, to keep your TV running at ideal operating temperatures
    • Available in Matte Black
    • Plug and Play installation makes set-up a breeze.
    • Slim form factor - 125 mm max depth (most enclosures on the market are double the size, and do not suit residential applications)
  • The Al-Fresco range of enclosures is perfect for anyone looking to safely install a TV outdoors.

    It has been designed to suit the majority of LCD/LED televisions manufactured from 2010 onwards. All current model LCD/LED televisions from the major manufacturers (LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic) fit within our enclosures.

    Our fitment guide will help you assess which enclosure you need to fit your TV.

    Ideal Space:

    • Outdoor Entertainment Area
    • BBQ/Outdoor Kitchens
    • Near your Spa or Jacuzzi
    • Under your Gazebo
    • On your balcony
  • In the box:

    • Enclosure to suit your TV size (select from models to suit TV’s up to 42”, 50”, 55" or 65”)
    • Internal mounting system to mount your TV inside the enclosure
    • Surge protected power board to plug your TV into
    • Thermostatically controlled cooling system (pre-configured and ready to go)
    • Weatherproof access points to connect your TV to antenna and other inputs
    • e-Installation Guide & User Manual

    Specification Summary
    Al-Fresco Series Outdoor TV Enclosures
    Max TV Size Up to 42" (107cm), 50" (127cm), 55" (140cm) or  65" (165cm)
    Sound Optional amplifier and weatherproof speaker kit to boost sound for wide areas.
    AC Input 100-240v, 50-60Hz
    Consumption Typical < 45W
    Operating Temperature Control Automatic Thermostatic control. Fans switch on and off as required to keep your TV operating at correct temperatures.
    IP Rating IP56. Protects the TV from weather, water, dirt, impact, theft and vandalism.
    Screen Scratch Resistant Acrylic, Optional Anti-reflective treatment reduces reflection to less than 1%.
    VESA Wall Bracket Allows any standard VESA device to be secured inside the enclosure.


  • Enclosure-Dimensions

    Dimensions Table

    Dimensions are in mm.
    DimensionsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
    For TVs up to 42" 761 mm 1127 mm 125 mm
    For TVs up to 50" 890 mm 1310 mm 125 mm
    For TVs up to 55" 950 mm 1420 mm 125 mm
    For TVs up to 65" 1075 mm 1640 mm 125 mm
  • Will it fit my TV?

    Our enclosures have been designed to fit the vast majority of televisions manufactured from 2010 onwards. Refer to the table below for guidance on capacity inside the enclosure to fit your specific TV. Your TVs dimensions should be equal to or less than the dimensions listed in the table below.

    For example: You have a 42" TV. Measuring it (without the stand): If it's total width 1027mm or less, total height 661mm or less, and it's total depth 85mm or less - then it will fit comfortably within the 42" Enclosure. 

    If you find your TV is slightly too large, then give us a call on 1300 699 788, and our experts can help accurately assess your TV and the exact specifications needed for your ideal sized enclosure.

    Fitment Table

    Dimensions are in mm.
    DimensionsMax Height (mm)Max Width (mm)Max Depth (mm)
    For TVs up to 42" 661 mm 1027 mm 85 mm
    For TVs up to 50" 790 mm 1210 mm 85 mm
    For TVs up to 55" 850 mm 1320 mm 85 mm
    For TVs up to 65" 975 mm 1540 mm 85 mm

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