Returns Policy

Liquifi guarantees all products bought from us with a 12-month warranty against defects in quality.

All goods dispatched from Liquifi are checked for quality, including checks of the appearance of the goods, functioning of the hardware, packaging, and inclusion of applicable accessories and power adapters.

Liquifi aims to communicate openly, promptly, and carefully with all customers in relation to issues with received goods. If you are a customer with goods which appear to have a problem, please talk to us before initiating complaints with Paypal or your credit card provider. Usually there is a way for us to resolve your issue quickly and to your satisfaction.

Full Warranty information can be found at:

Who pays for returning items?

The cost of shipping a probable faulty item back to us in Sydney would be borne by the customer. This cost may be refundable if a serious error has been made by Liquifi. In these cases we will communicate with the customer to offer this.The expense of shipping replacement items and parts back to customers is worn by Liquifi. We also bear the cost of taxes and charges from importing returned items back through Customs.

If a mistake was made, can Liquifi refund the customer’s return shipping costs?

If items received are deemed to be significantly altered and not as described, Liquifi will be able to offer a full refund depending on the details of the case, at our discretion. Our aim is for you to feel completely satisfied with your purchase.

– We’ll always ship you the correct items that you ordered.

– We’ll make sure the specifications of the product you sent matches the description.

In what situations are returns NOT offered to customers?

Liquifi does not accept returns of goods where the buyer / consignee has simply changed his/her mind, or where the goods are not functionally faulty. The customer is responsible for reading the item description and finding out if the item is compatible with their local standards.

How can customers get a refund for returned items?

Where the customer has communicated with Liquifi and faulty goods are returned using our returns process, a refund can be offered in the form of credit for future orders or a refund to the customers account (at Liquifi’s sole discretion). Customers can also request replacements of the products. If a customer needs to replace the faulty items with other items (e.g. if equivalent replacements are required but the original item is no longer in stock) then the customer may be requested to use the Liquifi online shop to check out a new order, which will be processed with the transferred credit from the original order.

Liquifi will troubleshoot all goods via email to determine if goods are faulty or not. If they are, the following applies:

The returns process for faulty goods is as follows:

1. Customer emails ( or calls the 1300 help desk at Liquifi detailing the order number, product name / model number, and nature of the problem.

2. Liquifi replies authorising the return and organises either a) the customer drops the unit off or b) Liquifi can pick the unit up.

3. Customer returns the goods by normal post using the instructions on the returns slip. Customer indicates on the returns slip if a refund or replacement is required.

4. Liquifi receives the returned goods and informs the customer. At this point replacement / refund requests are clarified if necessary.

5. Liquifi checks the goods and issues a refund / credit / replacement as required if the goods are faulty. Replacements can be delivered with the shipping cost covered by Liquifi, with full tracking details provided, dispatched within 10 days (usually sooner) as per normal Liquifi orders.

Are there any situations in which a full refund NOT offered on returned goods?

If a customer changes their mind about the product they have received, unpacked them, used them in any way, Liquifi will NOT refund the customer’s money, but may provide an exchange only.

If items are returned to Liquifi without a properly completed returns authority via email, we may not be able to identify which order /customer the return is from, and so may not be able to complete a refund or replacement.

If items are returned to Liquifi without any discussion or without any email verification, we reserve the right not to provide a refund / replacement, or to make only a partial refund.

What if no fault is found (NFF)?

If items are returned and are found not to be faulty at all (NFF), Liquifi will NOT offer a refund of the goods. Instead the unit will be dispatched back to the customer at the expense of the customer + an administration fee (shipping fee is based on weight and distance + $25.00 admin fee) if Liquifi decides to do so. Most of the time Liquifi will do their best to assess each case, and work out a solution so both the customer and the vendor are happy.

If returned items are received which are damaged by the user or missing parts or key accessories, Liquifi reserves the right NOT to make a full refund. Additionally our definition of ‘user damage’ applies to attempts to disassemble a product, or repair attempts that affect the functionality, or removal of installed parts incurring damage to a product without prior discussion.

What if there is a shipping problem?

We check all orders to ensure the delivery information is sufficient for the courier, and tracking details are given to customers so they know when to expect delivery.

Shipping problems where Liquifi will offer full assistance include:

– Cases where the package has apparently been broken into during shipment, or the package has been damaged and the goods are damaged. In these cases the customer must refuse receipt of the goods and clearly state the problem to the courier. Then the customer must contact Liquifi and we will resolve the matter with the courier. Once the issue has been confirmed we will follow up the insurance claim with the courier and ship a replacement order to the customer as soon as possible.

– In cases where the package is lost or misrouted by accident or by the fault of the courier we will pursue the insurance claim with the courier and create a replacement dispatch of goods for the customer as soon as possible.

– In cases where the package is delivered to the wrong address Liquifi will work with the courier to solvethe problem and ship new goods to the customer as soon as possible.

What if Liquifi sends the goods with a different courier?

Liquifi reserves the right to select a different shipping company from the one you originally selected in your order. This may occur for reasons of shipping capacity, speed, or known importation efficiency issues of certain carriers to certain locations. If the shipping company is changed you will not be charged extra. If you absolutely require a certain courier for your own reasons, e.g. they are known to be better at clearing goods through customs or they are faster etc then you MUST iterate this in your order comments, e.g. “Shipment Must Be With [courier name]”.